Weddings Are the Perfect Occasion to Share Love and Appreciation

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

You found your soulmate, said yes to your dress and decided on the perfect location to say, “I do.” No sweat, this wedding planning stuff is easy.

But then you realize that there are a TON of people who have been sharing your love and helping you with the big event. How do you say, “Thank You!” to a million people without spending hours online shopping for the perfect gift? With The Basket Corner, of course!

Here’s our list of wedding guests that deserve some appreciation, and our suggestions for their own unique gifts to show you appreciate their love and care.

1. Mom—You wouldn’t be here without her. And you know she wants this day to be incredibly special too. But she may need some time off for self-care after the big event.

The Basket Corner suggestion: Spa Basket

2. Dad—Oh, Dad. Your rock. Your reason. Your go-to fix-it guy. Dad stands by watching the bustle around him, and when you finally notice he left the room, you realize he built you something fantastic for the day you say, “I do.”

The Basket Corner suggestion: Let’s Do This Bucket

3. Bridesmaids—Your besties. The girls that stood by your side when you laughed and cried and ate your way out of bad break-ups. You are so happy they are the ones wearing the hideous dress but you want to share how bright and cheerful they make your days.

The Basket Corner suggestion: The California Bright Tower

4. Groomsmen—Bros. Belchers. Best guys around. Nothing says, “Party!,” like a good fiesta. Make this an unforgettable celebration that you will remember for decades to come!

The Basket Corner suggestion: Fiesta!

5. Flower Girls/Ring Bearer—Give these adorable bundles of cuteness something fun to do in San Diego when they are not practicing walking down the aisle.

The Basket Corner suggestion: Fun at the Beach

6. Grandma/Grandpa—Have you ever met anyone as sweet as these two lovebirds? Show them how much you love them, and all the treats they snuck to you when your parents went out.

The Basket Corner suggestion: Le Caramel Lover’s Basket

7. Uncle Buck—He’s loved you so much, he decided to foot a big part of the ceremony for you. Show him how much you appreciate his monetary support and his big bear hugs.

The Basket Corner suggestion: Grand Gourmet

8. Aunt Pat—Wait, your parents invited her and now you