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Yay! Back to School Lists!

It’s back to school for the little ones. It’s time to brush off the back packs from summer travel and sharpen those pencils. This year promises to be a new one as we watch our children laugh, grow and age.

As the anticipation mounts, so do the school shopping lists. From the standard pencils, composition notebooks and folders, to fun pencil cases, backpacks and lunch totes, it’s easy to forget some of the items we need most to prep our children for the year ahead!

We invite you to share some of our favorite back to school items from the checklist below. And don’t forget the extra hugs and kisses for the first day back!

School Supplies:

¨Pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases

¨Glue, ruler, calculator

¨Notebooks, loose leaf paper, composition notebooks, drafting notebooks

¨Folders, 3-ring notebooks, dividers

¨Dry erase board, dry erase markers

¨Backpack, lunch tote, water bottle

¨Summer reading lists, summer work

Healthy Habits:

¨Share feelings

¨Set bedtime routines

¨Promote healthy eating throughout the day

¨Role-play potential social situations

¨Meet the teacher

¨Reach out to friends in the classroom

¨Write a letter to your future self

Don’t Forget:

¨Fill out school forms

¨Keep your child up-to-date with physical and dental health

¨ and… bring your teacher and favorite staff members a sweet treat from The Basket Corner!

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