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Say ‘Thank You’ With a Gift From The Basket Corner in San Diego

Are you attending the upcoming 2019 NGA Show Expo in San Diego at the convention center? Is there someone you have been meaning to thank that has helped you promote the expo as a vendor, or has invited you as an attendee? Nothing says, “I appreciate you,” like a personalized gift basket from The Basket Corner.

With a convenient location and delivery options in the area, it is easy to place your San Diego personalized gift basket order for quick delivery. Call The Basket Corner at 619-562-0713 or visit our website at

Your San Diego gift basket can be personalized to your budget, color and taste. The Basket Corner uses very little fillers. We prefer to stuff your gift basket with the delicious products your convention colleagues can enjoy!

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Tai Chong Kok
Tai Chong Kok
Dec 30, 2020

Best Healthy and Luxurious Gourmet Gift Baskets -

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