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The Four-Leaf Clover Quiz (Only the lucky few will answer them all correctly!)

Q. Is a four-leaf clover a shamrock?

A. No. A shamrock is only considered to be a three-leaf clover.

Q. What do the four parts on a four-leaf clover stand for?

A. Faith, hope, love and, of course, luck!

Q. Where in the world are most four-leaf clovers found?

A. The general belief is that most four-leaf clovers are found in Ireland, which is where the term “luck of the Irish” was coined.

Q. Do clover plants naturally produce four leaves?

A. No. This is why four-leaf clovers are so uncommon.

Q. Why are four-leaf clovers considered lucky?

A. In the early days they were considered protection against evil spirits. During the Middle Ages, children carried them in their pockets in belief that it would allow them to see fairies. Today, your chances of finding a four-leaf clover is about 1/10,000. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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