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The Legend of the Leprechaun and His Pot of Gold

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Leprechauns are mischievous little men that have been spotted around the mountains of Ireland since 700A.D. The name leprechaun originates from the old Irish word luchorpán, meaning small body. (A leprechaun only grows as tall as an average three year old.)

Legend has it that leprechauns always travel away from home with their gold and treasures. If you are lucky enough to capture a leprechaun, he must give you his pot of gold. But leprechauns are known to be sneaky. They are able to trick their captors into looking away. If given that opportunity, leprechauns vanish to their homes within the mountainside and keep their pot of gold.

A pot of gold is a symbol of wealth and good fortune and rainbows symbolize hope and patience. With a little fortitude and luck you may be able to capture a leprechaun, but chances are you would be luckier finding another source of gold.

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with a basket from The Basket Corner. There is no better way to observe St. Patrick’s Day than by offering your lucky friends their own pot of gold or by indulging in one for yourself.

The Basket Corner can customize any order to your preferences of taste, color and budget. Contact them today to order a basket that includes a rainbow of tasty treats with Le Caramel’s infamous golden caramel candies.

Orders can be placed via email:, by calling: 619.562.0713, or by stopping by our showroom located at 1181 Pioneer Way, El Cajon, CA 92020.

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