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The Beat About Baskets and Bunnies

Have you ever wondered about the traditions behind Easter? From pagans to Christians, to the children of today, the ritual of giving gifts during Easter has been around since ancient times.

Easter is celebrated in the spring and symbolizes fertility and birth. When pagans prayed for a healthy harvest, they called upon their goddess Eostre for good fortune. Over time, images of Eostre emerged—always including a woven basket in her arms.

For Christians, Easter is a holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Eggs are used to depict the empty tomb and are stained red to denote the blood of Jesus. When an egg is cracked, the tomb is opened and Christ’s resurrection is realized.

Fast-forward to European folklore where the cosmic world began with an egg and a bunny was viewed as a token of fertility. German settlers brought with them the tradition of gifting baskets adorned with eye-catching eggs to children, during American colonization.


Beautiful Easter baskets stuffed with gourmet treats bring joy to those around us. This Easter, forget about dusting off the gift baskets you store in your attic or garage. Shop fun and unique holiday treats from The Basket Corner instead. Their adorable, colorful baskets are filled with caramels, chocolates, a stuffed bunny and more—making the gift-giver and the gift-receiver equally as hoppy!

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