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And The Winner Is…

This year’s Academy Awards were humming along until Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper walked up the stage, hand-in-hand, and knocked out a performance of ‘Shallow’ that made us all long for the excitement of something new and beautiful.

While you sit and YouTube the performance—and reflect upon the famous duo’s breathless gaze into one another’s eyes—think about sending someone an unexpected gift of something that is just as exciting.

A personalized gift from The Basket Corner is a true winner for anyone deserving of the surprise. Take a moment to celebrate the birth of a baby. Send a remote friend a basketful of sunshine. Remind a co-worker that you are thankful for the support. Show someone you love that you care.

The Basket Corner may not be wrapping up an Oscar—after all, we are located in the greater San Diego area—but the gourmet goodies inside each artisan basket are sure to win the prize of most tempting!

Take a moment to browse the categories of gift basket selections from The Basket Corner. Then give us a call at 619-562-0713 or visit our website at to share with us your winning preference.

And, if you require an extra spark of je ne sais quoi, we can custom design any basket to your budget, taste and color preferences.

Celebrate the defining moments in life with a memorable surprise—a personalized, gourmet gift basket from The Basket Corner. Order your show-stopping, jaw-dropping basketful of goodies today!

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Tai Chong Kok
Tai Chong Kok
Dec 30, 2020

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