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Why Do Americans Celebrate America?

Every Fourth of July is a reason to celebrate America. Picnics, fireworks and a day off from work is reason enough for happiness. But do you know why Americans celebrate America? There are two main reasons:

We celebrate America’s official separation from the original 13 colonies under British rule.We celebrate the Declaration of Independence—the document that embodies the meaning of being American and the powers, privileges, responsibilities and governance that go along with that honor. discusses the Declaration of Independence:

Although written in a different time with different social

norms and commonly accepted philosophies, the U.S.

has made consistent strides to truly embody the words,

“we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are

created equal…” This idea has emboldened us to forge

our own paths as individuals and as a nation. At great risk

have Americans stood up to many forms of tyranny and

oppression, and however long it takes, liberty prevails.

Although the times are always changing, there will never

be a day when this document does not hold immense

importance to the United States or its people.

This Fourth of July, Celebrate America with a gorgeous gift basket from The Basket Corner—stuffed with unique treats and artisan goodies.

Support a local San Diego business, including a co-owner who recently became an American citizen. (Congratulations Vincent!) The Basket Corner uses American-made artisan products to fill its baskets and buys most of its ingredients locally for its in-house French caramel production. It also supports the people who protect this beautiful country and fight for our freedom.

And check out our Celebrate America Themed Gift Basket:


The Basket Corner and Le Caramel support our active-duty military, veterans, first responders and the many other people that keep America safe and free. The Celebrate America Gift Basket salutes all the women and men who sacrifice their lives for the land that we love. Send the patriotic gift basket to someone you love; someone who protects fellow Americans; someone you respect for selflessly contributing to this beautiful country.

For more information contact The Basket Corner at: 619.562.0713

Do You Know Why We Celebrate July 4th?
Do You Know Why We Celebrate July 4th?

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