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Event, Convention and Wedding Season’s Hottest Trend

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Top Ten Reasons Why Gift Baskets Make a Better Centerpiece

Gift basket centerpieces are trending at events, conventions and weddings. Rather than traditional flower bouquets, brides, businesses and convention centers are opting for decorative, savory and sweet gift baskets instead. Below is a list of reasons why gift baskets may be a better option for your next event.

  1. Gift Baskets are Beautiful—Gift baskets have come a long way since the days of wrapped meat and cheese. The Basket Corner can customize any basket to match your event colors and taste preferences.

  2. Gift Baskets are Personal—Custom-ribbon printing is popular nowadays. The Basket Corner can print company names, dates, slogans, quotes, etc. on any ribbon of your choice.

  3. Gift Baskets are Affordable and Delicious—Centerpieces at The Basket Corner begin at just $15. Plus, these centerpieces taste a lot better than edible flowers.

  4. Gift Baskets Save on Delivery Fees—There is usually a delivery fee associated with flowers. If you are local to San Diego, you can pick up your centerpieces to save some cash.

  5. Gift Baskets are Easy to Transport—The Basket Corner’s arrangements are all contained and taped to ensure products stay where they are originally arranged.

  6. Gift Basket Consultations are Free—Call The Basket Corner (619.562.0713) for a free consultation. We are happy to work with any budget.

  7. Gift Baskets are Easy to Clean Up—After your event is over, what do you do with all the flowers? The Basket Corner offers a unique way to help you quickly clear the tables.

  8. Gift Baskets are Different—Flower arrangements are expected, but gift baskets are not (which is why this trend is gaining popularity). We can customize any basket arrangement to accommodate your wedding theme.

  9. Gift Baskets are Great Giveaways—Make your event even more fun by giving away your centerpiece to lucky table winners. Place a special token under one place setting per table to choose the winner.

  10. Gift baskets from The Basket Corner are hand-made with care from a family-owned and operated, local San Diego small business.

For more information or to book a free consultation, contact The Basket Corner at: 619.562.0713.

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Tai Chong Kok
Tai Chong Kok
Dec 30, 2020

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