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Box it Up for the Beach!

Ditch the hassle of preparing sticky peanut butter and jelly smashed between two slices of bread. Leave your stress of preparing snacks for hungry children and hangry adults up to the experts at The Basket Corner.

A day at the beach is a lot more fun with a San Diego Welcome Gift Box, a San Diego Grab ‘n Go Gift Box and a California Gift Box.

Each box is ideal for a day in the sun with a special someone, or can be mixed-and-matched when planning a group outing. (Hand them out for a convention day excursion.)

They are filled with delicious savory and sweet artisan goodies and are easy to transport anywhere—even in the bottom of a towel bag. Each stylish box protects its contents from sand, bugs and pesky seagulls. With no two of them alike, purchase all three for an unforgettable seaside day.

If you don’t live near a beach (like us lucky-ducks in San Diego) these boxes can quickly, conveniently and affordably ship to your home. Bring them to your favorite park or trail. They travel just as easily in a picnic basket or backpack.

Go ahead… make your next outing a memorable one with the San Diego Welcome Gift Box, the San Diego Grab ‘n Go Gift Box and the California Gift Box.

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